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Electric Dialysis Bed (PY-CD-380S)

Product Model: PY-CD-380S

Product description: Electric Dialysis Bed (PY-CD-380S)

Our  blood donation bed  require very little effort to use. 
We've designed the chair to work with a patient's body, not 
against it. And your healthcare staff will appreciate our 
design as well. Less stooping, easier access for cleaning
 and locking front brakes are among the many features.


Functions of chair    1,Height is adjustable from 560~800mm

                                      2,Back section is adjustable from  0°~70°

                                      3,Knee section is adjustable from  -45°~-0°

                                      4, can be a bed                                

                                      5,Multiple positon available

                                      6,Three Gernman morots or Darnmak Linak hospital motors

                                      7,loading capacity  250kg 

                                      8,PU standard for American CA117 or British BS5852 that is resistant to blood,   sweat, fire, urine, spit or  scraping.

Optional accessories :
1. Instrument  tray

2. Infusion  stand


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