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Dialysis chair/Therapy Chair (PY-YD-210S)

Product Model: PY-YD-210S

Product description: Electric Dialysis chair(PY-YD-210S)


Dialysis Chair/Therapy Chair/Clinical Care Recliner

Passion Drive Clinical Care Chair Recliner further enhances the advantages of a blood/dialysis chair by providing a one piece lying surface with more flexibility in its functions. Besides your patient’s requirements for a comfortable sitting position – it also provides a very relaxing lying position .

Two professional CE medical motors with remote control is easy to achieve every desired sitting or lying position,for an even more comfortable.position ,depending on the patient’s height ,there is an foot rest adjustable up and down  manually.


Duo to the stable base frame ,Passion chair is very safe in all possible positions .The  CE  motors  is according EN 60601 provides additional safety and light sound for your patient .


Passion mattress is easy to clean ,standard with British BS5852 part 1:1979 with function fireproof and  waterproof .An adequate area at the base frame offers enough space for accessories or your patients’ belongings .


In case of an emergency the shock position can be activated fast by motor to Trendelenburg (Tilting) Position -14 degree.The pillow can be adjustable according to patient size .Individual accessories such as armrests ,infusion pole ,screen and hospital trolley or tray can be offered if clients prefer .





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