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Dialysis Scale

Product Model: PY-S1

Product description: 1.Fast 1-second weigh display and safe weighing. 2.Weighing data uploaded to dialysis system auomatically. 3.7 inch LCD display, more intuitive to display data. 4.Intelligent speech system. 5.Anti-slip ramp surface 6.300 KG load capacity


Dialysis Scale


Passion Dialysis Scale is designed with utmost patient comfort and safety in mind. Dialysis unit and centers require scales to be accessible, accurate, and able to endure frequent usage without compromising performance. The PY-S1 floor scale is ideal for weighing dialysis patients before and after treatment. Patients are precisely weighed on foot or in a wheelchair on the weighing platform and wight indicator allows for simple and efficient operation. The dialysis scale provided exceptional performance in dialysis center, hospitals and other healthcare environments. While economically priced, Passion dialysis scale also employs a rugged design to deliver efficient installation and operate consistently over a long period of time.


  1. Fast 1-second weigh display and safe weighing via 4G network to transmit data, and connecting with dialysis management system
  2. Weighing data uploaded to dialysis system auomatically Through the QR code scanning window to gain patients information
  3. 7 inch LCD display, more intuitive to display data.
  4. Intelligent speech system, moderate voice to give patients a better experience.
  5. Anti-slip ramp surface, providing wheel chair up and down easily.
  6. 300 KG load capacity.


Detail Description:




1.With 4x desperate brake casters, the hosts is placed safety and easy to transit.

2.The external 4G receiving antenna response in quick.

3. With upper angle for LCD display and scanner, the host is easy operation.

4. Vertical standing platform with transport castors is mobile and space-saving.

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