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Electric Dialysis Chair (PY-YD-320)

Product Model: PY-YD-320

Product description: Passion Medical Armchair is used for hemodialysis, blood donation, perdition dialysis, oncology, chemotherapy and rehabilitation. CERTIFICATE: ISO13485, CE, FDA


Electric Dialysis Chair with CPR function


Application Scope:

Passion Medical Armchair is used for hemodialysis, blood donation, perdition dialysis, oncology, chemotherapy and rehabilitation.

1. Descriptions

  • ABS plastics molded to provide easy cleaning surfaces and disinfection.
  • Whole chair with steel frame provide strong bearing capability, safe working load up to 240kg.
  • The mattress uses high density 45 degreefoam: high density foam with moderate elasticity and durability provides additional comfort for patients having to sit for long periods
  • Soft upholstery makes of breathable PU material, is waterproof, fire retardant, corrosion, easily clean & disinfection.
  • Four upholstery colors to choose from. Warm & light colors of upholstery contribute to patient's mental well-being.
  • The hand control and three motors allow for quick positioning for any situations, including trendelenburg  (or shock position) with the push of one button.
  • Personalized double armrests design, upper armrest removable left to right to make patient comfort during procedures. 
  • Mute medical castors of diameter 10 cm with separate brake.
  • The footrest can be adjusted according to the height of each patient. 
  • The detachable headrest pillow can be adjusted according to the height of each patient.
  • CPR Function for model PY-YD-320&340. Instant CPR release lever manually even power off.
  • Accurate Digital weighing system for model PY-YD-330&340, weighing range 0~240kg.
  • An OPTIONAL back up battery pack is available in case of power loss.


2. Saving space

Overall chair dimension: L 190 mm x W 880 mm x H 560~800mm. Smaller overall chair dimensions to save up to 40% of floor space.

chairs in hospital

3. Multi-position adjustment

Multi-position adjustment possibilities by Linak motors offer patient comfort and reduction in staff work load.

position adjustment

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